Friday, November 12, 2010

Benefits of Yoga

One of the participants of $5 Friday Flow commented this week that she almost didn't come back for a second practice. She told me that she's not sure she's "good" at Yoga.

First of all, anyone can do Yoga. Second of all, if you're doing something dangerous, then I may correct you. But otherwise, you can easily be "good" at Yoga.

The reason this participant decided to come back is because after her first practice with me, her hip, shoulder and arm felt better for the following week.


Yoga can help stretch tired and tight muscles. It increases balance and can improve flexibility. Yoga helps practitioners become aware of the powerhouse, or core. Awareness of the powerhouse increases use of the it, which strengthens the abs. Yoga helps build lean muscles and it also encourages more efficient breathing. It's an overall workout that can be as challenging as you'd like since there are many correct options for most poses.

I'm so glad to hear that one practice made a difference for this participant. And I'm also glad that one practice turned into two. Hopefully two turns into three...

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