Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Water aerobics for adults and kids

I had a (LONG) informative meeting at Weber State on Saturday that made me aware of more opportunities available to the community and students. So I suppose that makes it worth the sacrifice... giving up sleep when you're up all night with a 5-month-old is definitely a challenge.

But forget about my fatigue. Did you know that swim lessons start up this month? For only $40, you can sign you kid(s) up for an 8-week class. It's a great time to get the kiddos ready for summer swimming, and it's a price you really can't beat. It's only $40 for the entire course! You can even sign up kids under three, provided they wear the appropriate protection in the pool (yes, please!).

The pool at WSU also has a drop-in water aerobics class twice each week. As usual, it's free for anyone with an active Wildcard, and only $6 to drop in. If you want a community pass, it's only $50. Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm, and no swimming is required.

I'm thisclose to taking Aspen with me and strapping her on my chest for some pool time. She has the cutest swim suits she might not fit into by the time summer comes around!

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