Saturday, August 26, 2017

Harry Potter Inspired Yoga for Families

This October, I'll be offering Harry Potter inspired yoga for families in Salt Lake City! I'm excited to bring the magic of the books and the magic of yoga together for a fun event.

Open to children ages 7+, as well as adults, the class will incorporate readings from the books, poses with wizard-inspired names, and wands for all! It will be for all skill-levels, and will be the perfect activity to usher in the Halloween season.

Pricing is not yet set, but expect around $15/person, with discounts for parent+child admission, couples (adult+adult) admission, and for families/groups of 3+ admission. Class will be one hour long, and wands will be included in the cost of admission.

More details will be forthcoming for this class, which will most-likely be held on a Friday evening in October.

To keep track of interest, please fill out the following Google form HERE.

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