Thursday, April 6, 2017

Self-Practice Journal, Week 12

For one of my RYT classes this semester, I'm required to keep a weekly self-practice journal. This is for yoga practices I do on my own, not guided in a studio, gym, or via video. Each week I'll have a post that details at least three of my self-practices.

Week 12
Practice 1
April 3, 8-9p
Intention: Vishudda practice
Content: Seated warm up- gather the breath in easy pose, drop and lift chin slightly, ear to shoulder, shoulder rolls, lateral stretches, seated hip circles, dandasana with roll ups, cat-cow with variations (side-to-side, through child's pose), downward facing dog, forward fold.
Surya Namaskar 3x
Warrior I, cactus arms, tuck chin and bow over lunging leg 5x
Warrior I other side, cactus arms, tuck chin and bow over lunging leg 5x
Chair, forward fold, plank to salabhasana (start with legs, then do arms, then full expression)
Child's pose
Child's pose
Hare pose
Hero's pose on block with forward folds
Child's pose to belly
Prone arm stretch, half-knot
Child's pose to transition to seated
Dandasana, Seated forward fold
Janu Shirshasana
Legs-up-the-wall (hips on block)
Supine pigeon, spinal twists
Reflection: I'm working on being creative and thoughtful with my practices, and not having a physical concern or goal in mind when practicing. This practice gave me the opportunity to experiment with Jalandhara, which is something I haven't done on my own before. It's wonderful to have a fuller experience with yoga that goes beyond just the asana.

Practice 2
April 5, 10-11a
Intention: Apana practice
Content: cat-cow with variations, downward facing dog, Surya Namaskar
Pyramid with bows, 3x
Warrior I with bows, 3x
Forward fold with twist
switch sides
Wide-legged forward fold, with twist
Lunge over left, Warrior III
Wide-legged forward fold, with twist
Lunge over right, Warrior III
Supine pigeon and twist
Sage twist with fold over front leg
Legs-up-the-wall with block
Reflection: My body appreciated the forward folds in this practice because I made the mistake of indulging in too much dairy earlier in the week. It helped get things moving!

Practice 3
April 6, 7-7:30p
Intention: Just move my body
Content: Seated warm ups- neck circles, ear to shoulder, wrist rolls, foot massage, dandasana with roll ups, cat-cow, downward facing dog, Surya Namaskar (5x)
Baddha Konasana, janu shirshasana, seated wide-legged-forward fold, virasana on a block, child's pose, supine spinal twists

Reflection: It was nice to move at my own regular pace tonight instead of disciplining myself to go slower than I naturally tend to in my practice. Sometimes it's nice to go with my old flow!

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