Thursday, March 23, 2017

Self-Practice Journal, Week 10

For one of my RYT classes this semester, I'm required to keep a weekly self-practice journal. This is for yoga practices I do on my own, not guided in a studio, gym, or via video. Each week I'll have a post that details at least three of my self-practices.

Week 10
Practice 1
March 18, 10-11a
Intention: Relieve discomfort in the shoulders
Content: Seated warm up- neck rolls, shoulder rolls, spinal twists, lateral bends, wrist rolls, dandasana with knees bent, arching with cat back. Cat-cow and variations (side-to-side, sweeping through child's pose), child's pose, kneeling plank to downward facing dog.
Forward fold with twists
Half-salutes (4x)
Chair, bow and arrow arms (4x per side)
Sun Salutation A (4x)
Low lunge over left, Warrior II, downward facing dog, supported side plank left
Child's pose, plank, downward facing dog, forward fold
(repeat on the other side, then repeat progressively on each side again)
Crow pose
Camel pose (with hands on low back)
Child's pose, prone arm stretch, half-knot to knot, supine rolls, twists, eagle pose, pigeon/figure four
Reflection: My upper body has been sore from getting back into my usual routine of physically demanding practices (after being sick), so I needed to do some poses to work and stretch that area. While it may be difficult to move through the sore muscles, it's always worth it afterward.

Practice 2
March 20, 7-8p
Intention: Ease low back pain (menstruation is coming on!)
Content: Seated warm up- neck rolls and rotations, wrist rolls, spinal twists, legs-crossed forward folds. Cat-cow with variations, downward facing dog.
Lunge over left, then revolve
Downward facing dog
Warrior II left, Triangle, Warrior II, Bound side angle
Downward facing dog
(repeat other side)
Camel (hands on low back), Thunderbolt/Hero's pose (with block under "sits" bones), child's pose with slow roll ups linked with breath
Pigeon (followed by King Pigeon and attempt at Mermaid)
Supine rolls, twists, happy baby, bound angle and leg extensions with block under hips/sacrum
Reflection: Back bends, even gentle ones, don't usually feel good for me. I think I need to lift up more before allowing for the bend. The discomfort might be stemming from compression of the lower back. The transition out and the counter pose always feel great to me, though. I'm enjoy "legs-up-the-wall" without a wall this week, with a block under my hips for elevation. Feels good for the back!

Practice 3
March 21, 11-11:45a
Intention: Do Warrior III, a pose I never incorporate in my personal practice
Content: Sun Salutations for warm up (deliberate and with knees bent, 4x)
Warrior I, Warrior II, Reverse Warrior, Warrior II, Lunge, Warrior III
Sun Salutation
Warrior I, Warrior II, Reverse Warrior, Warrior II, Lunge, Warrior III
Sun Salutation
Navasana (knees bent)
Navasana (legs extended)
Baddha Konasana
Janu Shirshasana (both sides)
Wide-Legged Forward fold
Child's pose, supine spinal twists, happy baby, leg extensions with block under hips/sacrum
Reflection: I usually stay away from Warrior III because I've always felt my hips won't stay even, and that I can't do the pose with my arms extended without compromising form. I allowed  myself to explore the pose with hands at heart-center or on my hips. That allowed me to focus on the leg lift/extension and on keeping my hips parallel to the floor. I can let go of perfection and still do a good job!

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