Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yoking more than just mind and body

There were two familiar faces in the back of the class, and I spent the entire hour trying to place them. Did I live in the same dorm as one of them during college? Are they friends-of-friends? Did I try to evict one of them in my property management days?

After class concluded, the mystery was solved. The red-head told me she and her friend used to take my Pilates class, which would have been over a year ago. I was flattered they remembered me, and more still when one commented on my music selection.

"I love Band of Horses and Regina Spektor!"

I smiled, because who would have thought my music would blend so well with Kev's for a Yoga playlist? I admitted I couldn't take credit for all of it, and told her I'd pass the compliment on to my husband.

She also told me she originally attended Yoga about a year ago, and absolutely hated it. The instructor was very challenging, and offered no modifications whatsoever. She felt like she sucked at Yoga and would never do it again. But after attending my class, she felt renewed confidence.

"I want Yoga to be for everyone," I told her. "That's why I'mconstantly showing variations. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge the strengths of others, especially if they're different than our own."

I don't know if they'll come back again, but I'm hopeful. It's moments such as those that keep me motivated to teach. When the music reaches someone, when they realize they can do Yoga, that's what makes it worth it for me.