Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What is Savasana?

In Yoga, Savasana can be one of the hardest postures to perform. It's a posture for our minds rather than our bodies. While it's refreshing to physically rest after a hard practice, it can be just as rewarding to mentally rest as well. A lot of peace can be found if Savasana if you choose to use it as a time for meditation.

To prepare for Savasana, allow yourself to relax on the mat, feeling heavy and comfortable in any position you can enjoy for a few minutes. You're welcome to focus on your breathing in order to keep your mind present, or you can repeat a mantra. It's completely up to you how you spend your final relaxation posture.

The point is to relax. It may be helpful to first purposefully tense your entire body and then exhale to release. Let your eyes feel heavy, let your jaw feel heavy, let your shoulders relax and continue down your entire body until you feel your feet naturally splaying open.

Stay focused on your breath or mantra for as long as you need to feel refreshed. Once you're ready to release Savasana, begin organically moving the body, starting with whatever feels natural. It can be slight movement in the fingers and toes, or a slow nod with the head from side to side.

When you're ready, help yourself onto one side into the fetal position. This signifies a willingness to start anew, and prepares you to come to a seated posture on your mat. After a few deep breaths on your side, allow yourself to find a comfortable posture, sitting tall.

Once seated, you're welcome to rest your hands wherever comfortable- at heart center, on the knees, or at your sides. Recognize your divine worth. Appreciate the practice you completed.


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