Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Baby - Ananda Balasana

What a wonderful stretch this is for the hips, back and hamstrings. I almost always include this as an option when I instruct a Yoga practice because it helps get the body ready for Savasana by relaxing the low back into the mat and allowing the spine to enjoy a little massage.

To perform this posture, lay back on the mat one vertebrae at a time. Feel the spine pressing into the mat as you slowly lower to a supine position on the mat.

To prepare, gently pull the knees up over the belly and roll on the back if it's comfortable. You can stir the knees around in small circles as well, loosening the hips. When you feel ready, open the legs, keeping knees bent and showing your footprints to the sky.

Depending on your flexibility, you can reach for the feet and hold them while rocking on your back. You can also hold the calves, or the backs of your thighs in Happy Baby. It may be helpful to imagine a child whose just discovered her feet. What does she do? She hold onto her toes and rocks in glee!

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