Thursday, February 10, 2011

Balance Posture- Seated Eagle Pose

This is one of my favorite balance postures because it can also stretch tight shoulders and a tight back.

Seated Eagle Pose can be done at varying degrees of intensity depending on how well-balanced you feel on any given day.

Begin by gently bending your left leg, using it as your base. Your right leg will gradually find a comfortably challenging resting place around the left, standing leg. It can rest with just the toes crossed over the left foot, touching the mat, or you can continue to wrap your right leg around the calf of your left.

Adding to the pose, you can incorporate your arms. With the left arm on bottom, place the right on top. The fingertips of both hands will rest at the elbow of the opposite arm. The next step is to slide your elbows together, lifting the hands to the sky, wrapping them if flexibility allows you to do so. The elbows are lifted high, in front of the face for maximum effect. You may feel a comfortable stretch in the back and scapulas (shoulder blades).

Once you have held the posture on your left leg for at least four breaths, unwrap and repeat on the other side. Note that the gluteals are aligned over the heel of your standing foot, and do not stick out behind the body. A strong core is essential to successfully executing Seated Eagle Pose.

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